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ArcFM: ArcFM is a powerful extension of ESRI's ArcGIS platform that provides a complete, enterprise utility solution geared to the needs of utility end users. ArcFM consists of a family of models and a set of sophisticated tools that provide a comprehensive application for energy and water/wastewater utilities. ArcFM allows maintenance and viewing of data, using company specific business rules, and includes applications to configure the data models and tools to work together.

ArcFM Engine : ArcFM Engine supplements ESRIs ArcGIS Engine components for developing focused stand-alone view, edit, and query applications with ArcFM and ArcGIS functionality.

ArcFM Server : ArcFM Server is an extension to ArcGIS Server, which offers the ability to embed utility specific functionality to web applications, through the publication of specialized web services.

ArcFM Viewer : ArcFM Viewer is a lightweight application that allows utility GIS data viewing and querying.

Conduit Manager : Provides efficient management of underground networks and facilitates a systematic approach to duct space joint use, call-before-you-dig and cable placements.

Designer : In today's environment, utilities need to implement more efficient distribution design processes with reduced labor, optimum designs, and faster turnaround for projects. Designer minimizes data redundancy, improves the accuracy and consistency of corporate data assets and can help to establish specific workflows for network design and construction projects.

Fiber Manager : Fiber Manager helps organizations that maintain distributed fiber optic networks to accurately document the location and connectivity of their systems.

Inspector : Telvents Inspector Extension for ArcFM Viewer allows mobile and desktop users to edit existing feature attributes and manage related objects to support workflows for inspections, joint-use attachments, cathodic protection, pole surveys, transformer audits, leak detection, damage assessments, and overall updating of attribute data.

Mobile : Allows to utility personnel to manage and utilize utility asset information through their mobile devices.

Network Adapter : Telvents Network Adapter is a developed interface between the ArcFM Solution and third-party modeling and planning applications or analysis engines. Network Adapter provides tools to extract a model (selected set of features that comprise a feeder or distribution system) from the GIS and load data to an analysis engine via XML for further analysis.

Redliner : Redliner extensions provides utility personnel with the ability to quickly layout sketches and markup map features for update as part of their daily work.

Responder : Telvents Responder is a GIS-hosted, distributed Outage Management System (OMS). Responder is a complete solution that brings together functionality through integration of best-of-breeds systems. Rather than imposing a sensitive and fragile data model, Responder seeks to make use of the most current data available to support the OMS and dispatching processes, allowing utilities to maximize the reliability of their electric distribution network, minimize outages, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve safety.