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ArcGIS Server

ArcGIS Server makes it easy for organizations to share mapping services and applications across the Web.

With ArcGIS Server, you can

  • Connect more people with the information they need to make better decisions.
  • Publish fast, intuitive Web mapping applications and services tailored to your audience.
  • Simplify access to your services, data, and imagery.

ArcGIS Server supports desktop, Web-based, and mobile workflows. It helps you protect and manage your mapping information, and it provides a scalable platform that satisfies everything from the simplest to the most complex Web mapping requirements.


ArcGIS Server is offered in three editions

  • Basic: This provides a comprehensive GIS server for spatial data management. It focuses on organizing and managing geographic datasets.
  • Standard: This provides all the features of the Basic edition plus visualization (mapping) and spatial analysis.
  • Advanced: This provides all the features of the Standard edition, along with advanced spatial analysis and modeling and a configurable mobile GIS application. The Advanced edition also includes four advanced analysis extensions (3D, Spatial, Network, and Geostatistical) at no additional cost.


Each functional edition described above has two capacity levels:

Workgroup: Limited to running on a single machine and includes a SQL Server Express database engine

  • Supports up to 10 simultaneous connections to a multiuser geodatabase
  • Limited to 4 GB of data storage on a multiuser geodatabase

Enterprise: Runs on multiple machines and on your choice of multiuser database (IBM DB2, Informix Dynamic Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL).

  • Supports unlimited simultaneous connections to a multiuser geodatabase
  • Contains unlimited storage capacity
  • Can be installed on either a single server or distributed across multiple servers (Each server requires a license.)

For more details, download the ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 Functionality Matrix [PDF].


For further information you can visit ESRI's web site by clicking on the link below:

ESRI - ArcGIS Server