Marathon Data Systems supports on a daily basis a number of important projects maintained and developed by public and private organizations. The ArcGIS platform is the ideal solution in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Utilities
  • 3D Models
  • Statistics
  • Internet Applications
  • Sales
  • Multimedia
  • Marketing
  • Social welfare
  • Tourism etc.
  • Drainage systems
  • Transportation
  • Water supply
  • Forests, Fires
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • GPS
  • Satellite Data
  • Databases
  • Cadastre
  • Urban planning
  • Spatial planning
  • Cartography
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Geology
  • Local government
  • Road construction

The following are some indicative projects using the ArcGIS platform:

Electricity Authority of Cyprus

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus integrates the entire ArcGIS platform from Esri and ArcFM from Schneider Electric, into a diffused environment, which is part of the management of the country’s Electricity Transmission and Distribution systems, starting from the Electricity Production Stations and ends up to the connections of the network users.

The importance and role of GIS in the organization is constantly increasing, as not only includes a rich and fully developed geodatabase with data of the electrical system, but also supports the modernization of the network to address new challenges in the energy sector and develop future networks with specialized applications and advanced algorithms.

The GIS (ΓεωΔιαΣ) platform is offered as an important springboard for the digital transformation of the Company into a single platform of systems and applications, which will engage the competent staff, organizations and partners, in order to process business analysis for continuous development, and develop smart applications using fast-growing technologies.

Panagiotis PoulopoulosElectricity Authority of Cyprus